Tracey Keys

Tracey is a Director of Strategy Dynamics Global SA. She has over twenty years of experience as a consultant and executive, focused on complex strategy and organisational issues, and has worked with leading companies globally. Prior to founding Strategy Dynamics Global SA, Tracey worked with senior executives at IMD, and has held senior roles at the BBC, Booz &Co., Deloitte & Touche and Braxton Associates, as well as being an active advisor to a number of start-ups. Tracey is a Fulbright Scholar and holds an MBA from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania where she was distinguished as a Palmer Scholar.

GT Briefing January 2011: Looking Ahead — The Best of 2011 Trends

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January 2011: Typing Trends for 2011 into Google on January 1st 2011 gave us around 46 million results, so there is obviously no lack of people with opinions on what is in store for the year ahead.  The problem is there is so much out there that it is tough to sort the noise from the merely interesting to the extremely important.   So we thought we would give you a brief overview of where you can find some of the more interesting and important trend forecasts and predictions for 2011. As always, bear in mind that in a world as uncertain as ours such forecasts are not meant to be accurate. Treat them as directional and informed opinions on potential opportunities and challenges that can offer new perspectives to supplement your own thinking on what might be possible, feasible and desirable.  Don’t forget to look at top trends outside your own industry or market space – these may well cross over sooner than you think! We will pick up on many of these trends in our next GT briefings along with examples of how they are being – or could be – translated into action.