Tracey Keys

Tracey is a Director of Strategy Dynamics Global SA. She has over twenty years of experience as a consultant and executive, focused on complex strategy and organisational issues, and has worked with leading companies globally. Prior to founding Strategy Dynamics Global SA, Tracey worked with senior executives at IMD, and has held senior roles at the BBC, Booz &Co., Deloitte & Touche and Braxton Associates, as well as being an active advisor to a number of start-ups. Tracey is a Fulbright Scholar and holds an MBA from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania where she was distinguished as a Palmer Scholar.

GT Briefing April 2011: InfoWars!

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April 2011: Information is power.  There is no shortage of information in the digital age, which according to an article by Martin Hilbert and Priscilla Lopez in Science magazine age “officially” arrived in 2002 when digital storage capacity overtook analog capacity.  Since then the digital data deluge has exploded. By 2007, 94% of information in the world was stored digitally, versus just 25% in 2000. The introduction to the Science special edition on Dealing with Data suggests: “We have recently passed the point where more data is being collected than we can physically store.”  In a world awash in information, infowars are also exploding. Who is going to create and capture the value from knowledge and information, legally and illegally? Who is going to control it – especially as technology advances democratize access to the “global brain” and make information available anywhere, anytime and real-time?  Who is going to win in the wars to filter and make information relevant in a world suffering from information overload and attention deficit? What are the implications for economies and societies? In this briefing we look at the increasing fights over information – whether for control, access or share of attention – driven by these questions from the perspectives of nations, organizations and individuals.