Tracey Keys

Tracey is a Director of Strategy Dynamics Global SA. She has over twenty years of experience as a consultant and executive, focused on complex strategy and organisational issues, and has worked with leading companies globally. Prior to founding Strategy Dynamics Global SA, Tracey worked with senior executives at IMD, and has held senior roles at the BBC, Booz &Co., Deloitte & Touche and Braxton Associates, as well as being an active advisor to a number of start-ups. Tracey is a Fulbright Scholar and holds an MBA from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania where she was distinguished as a Palmer Scholar.

GT Briefing December 2010: 10 Trends to Watch – In Action!

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December 2010: ‘Tis the season for looking ahead to next year, making “Top 10” lists of everything and reviewing the highlights and lowlights of the year just coming to an end.  From currency wars to information wars, from natural disasters to geopolitical procrastinations, from e-commerce to m-commerce – in fact mobile everything – trends are (not always) slowly reshaping our lives and work.  In September we published 10 Key Trends to Watch.  In the first of our monthly briefings, let’s take a look at these trends in action – and the shape of what may be to come. But don’t sit back and relax – in action means you too!  Get thinking! Get innovating – if you don’t, someone else will, maybe someone not even on your radar screen… 

Social media and Brand Reputation in the Financial Services Sector

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by Jorge Yui 

Executive Summary

Ignoring the power of online word-of-mouth, or word-of-mouse as I like to call it, is no longer an option in today’s interconnected world.  Nor is it reflective of what professionals in the financial services industry are being asked to deliver by their C-Suites post 2008.  The ability of consumers to influence corporate behavior and impact business planning in unanticipated and, at times, unwelcome ways has grown exponentially.  One ‘entertaining’ complaint from an irate customer going viral can escalate into a full-blown crisis in less than 24 hours.  In this environment, understanding what customers feel, think and say about your company – in real time – is ever more critical.