GT Trend Report: Labor


What is happening with the war for talent?  Where will you be able to find the skills you need in future?  In many developed countries, we now have four generations in the workfoce. How will the next generations impact how work is done?  Explore the Trend Report: Labor to understand key trends that will impact these questions.

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  • Continuing war for the “right” talent

    Unemployment rates remain the highest in decades across the globe despite some signs of economic recovery after the crisis, with increasing concerns over a continued jobless recovery, particularly in developed markets. Yet the labor market is at the same time becoming more fluid. People who sat tight in their current positions during the crisis are actively looking to change jobs, and organizations across the world once again are focusing on attracting and retaining talent.  The war for talent will get more intense for all levels of skills from knowledge workers to plumbers as well as for unskilled factory labour, particularly in rapidly developing economies. The younger generations in the workforce will increasingly impact how work is done – and an organization’s ability to compete for talent.  These generations are increasingly mobile, expecting to work for a number of employers over their lifetimes and only for those with whose values they can identify.

    Questions for business leaders

    1. What skills will you be competing for in the future?
    2. Where will you find these and how will you attract them?
    3. What are the implications for developing talent in your organization?

    The GT Trend Report: Labor offers analysis and food for thought as you tackle these questions.

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