GT Trend Report: Social Organizations


Communities for centuries have been dictated by where we lived and how we were raised. The forces of social fragmentation outlined in this report combined with globalization and technology have radically altered this. New communities of choice are emerging worldwide, impacting how we behave, live and work.  What do these new communities mean for your markets?  For your employees? How will fragmenting societies impact your business? Explore the Trend Report: Social Organizations to find out more.

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  • Fragmenting Social Structures

    Traditional social structures are fragmenting, as families become more dispersed, single person households increase and urbanization continues. Income inequality is growing in around 80% of the world’s countries, while previously isolated segments of society are demanding inclusion, highlighting divides and raising tensions. Even as the world globalizes, many nations are dividing to reflect the demands of different ethnic or cultural groups. These forces combined with technology have radically altered our ability to choose our communities, with communities of choice emerging as a preferred social structure. These communities connect people virtually and physically across borders and time zones based on shared interests, beliefs, cultures, location, characteristics and/or experiences, and increasingly reflect a search for meaning and safety in a world of uncertainty.

    Questions for Business Leaders

    • What do the changes in social organizations and structures mean for our markets? How do we identify the most important emerging communities of choice? How do we connect effectively with these communities?
    • What will be the implications of continued adoption of social communications technologies on customer/consumer needs and behaviors both in developed and rapidly developing economies?
    • What do the shifts in social structures mean for our employees and the way they interact with us as employers?

    The GT Trend Report: Social Organizations offers analysis and food for thought on these topics.

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