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Bringing Global Trends Alive in Your Organization Today Part 1


Does the current obsession with short-term, quarterly results limit our ability to bring long-term thinking into today’s reality?  If so, what does it take to bring Global Trends into our business planning today?  Emerging patterns of competition in many industries suggest that with the pace of change in the environment and customer demands, there is no room for a company to focus only on the short-term.  The challenge is how to strike the right balance in bringing long-term thinking into a short-term obsessed world.  This series of articles is designed to help leaders businesses understand and address this challenge by applying some specific tools that we have found useful in practice.

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  • In this special report we outline three specific tools that we have found useful in practice with companies tackling the challenges of bringing long-term thinking based on global trends into the reality of their strategies today.  Each tool takes a different perspective on the changing environment and market spaces within companies will be operating – and striving to succeed – in future.  Together, the insights from using these tools will offer you and your team a good starting point from which you can identify future challenges and options for your firm and enhance your ability to make informed choices today.

    The tools we present in this first of a series of special reports on bringing global trends alive in your organization today focus on:

    1. Intra-Industry Competition Replaces Industry Competition:  Mapping your Emerging Competitive Reality: Industry boundaries are falling, being replaced by intense intra-industry competition as players from different industries compete for creating and capturing value in today’s connected markets. This tool focuses on mapping the emerging market space in which you compete — along with its competitive reality.

    2. Who is Shaping Your Future? Mapping Your Influencer Landscape: Emerging industry boundaries are not just shaped by the players competing in the market space.  The last twenty years have seen unprecedented shifts in the influence landscape, resulting in a huge range of individuals, organizations and entities that can influence the dynamics in a market space.  This tool focuses on identifying the shapers and influencers that will impact your ability to create and capture value in your market space in future, along with the interconnections and rules of engagement that you will need to manage in future.

    3. Rethinking the Basis of Firm Advantage:  Mapping Capabilities From the Outside-In: In this changing environment an important challenge for any firm is to understand the strengths and vulnerabilities of its traditional position and to consider where it wants to position itself for the future. A critical, but difficult step, is building an understanding of the firm-level capability choices required to prepare the firm for the future. This tool focuses on how you can build an understanding of the critical capabilities you will need to succeed in interconnected market spaces, from an outside-in perspective.

    If you are facing the challenge of bringing long-term thinking into your organization to balance short-term perspectives this report is essential reading.

    To download your complimentary copy of this special report, all you need to do is register on – it’s free and easy! Then login and click on my account and you will find the report available for PDF download.

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