Who’s Looking After Your Money? The Democratization of Personal Finance

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In a world where free market capitalism is under fire, bank liquidity difficulties continue, and the public has lost trust in the traditional financial services industry, the world of personal finance is undergoing a radical shift.  The democratization of personal finance is gathering pace, redefining the boundaries of personal finance and creating a landscape where the “old” banking rules no longer apply.

In this special report we explore the changing landscape of personal finance, in which many challenges and even more opportunities are being created by global trends.  Consumer demands are shifting, new technologies are opening the way for new channels and innovations.  The “great unbanked” offer significant new opportunities for companies that can provide the right products and services.  A whole range of shapers and influencers, from regulators to social networks are changing the dynamics of influence and choice. Within this landscape new players are emerging, focused on consumer needs.  The question is who will be the winners and losers going forward?