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The Global Trends Fieldbook

Game changing trends are redefining our work, lives, societies and planet. Preparing an organization for this future is not an easy task. It means thinking differently, having a point of view on the future and taking action today. Drawing on a wealth of case studies and examples from BMW and DSM to Tencent, Infosys and Realdania, and the analysis in The Global Trends Report, The Global Trends Fieldbook focuses on the critical steps of moving from data to insights to taking actions today to prepare businesses, governments, NGOs and societies for the future.

The Global Trends Report 2013: Towards a Distributed Future

The world is becoming more distributed, not only in terms of consumption, but increasingly in terms of production, resources, knowledge and power. Power is shifting from traditional institutions towards individuals, communities and businesses. Distributed networks and collaboration are more important than ever, not only to address global issues including resource scarcity, but also to create and capture value in a world of more demanding consumers and customers who increasingly have the tools to create value themselves, potentially redefining whole markets. The business of the future will not be at the center of the playing field – the consumer will, with social technologies as key linkages. Is your organization prepared for this future? The Global Trends Report 2013 offers insights, implications, examples and frameworks to help you define your point of view on the future.

The Global Trends Report 2012

Accelerating global challenges are reshaping our world, from the democratization of everything to resource wars, new playing fields of competition, and the search for a moral compass. It has never been a time of more opportunity or more challenge. Read The Global Trends Report 2012 to find out how you as a leader and your organization can stay ahead!

GT Trend Report: Criminal Organizations

Crime is big business worldwide, and growing, accounting for trillions of dollars in illegal trade, cybercrime and money-laundering. The scale of crime - and associated misery caused - means governments, businesses and individuals need to understand its impact. How secure is your organization today against criminal activity? What are the implications of increasing links between transnational crime and terrorism? How is crime impacting values and beliefs globally? Explore the Trend Report: Criminal Organizations for food for thought as you tackle these critical questions.

GT Trend Report: Non-Governmental Organizations

An increasing number of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are tackling an expanding portfolio of issues from poverty to productive retirement - and they are serious business. NGOs have public trust and more power than ever before. If civil society were a country, it would contribute about the same to global GDP as France. As the trend moves from confrontation to co-operation between NGOs, businesses and society, how can your organization make a difference? What are the opportunities to realize benefits for business and society at the same time?

GT Trend Report: Belief-Based Organizations

The balance of power is shifting between religions, even as fragmentation of beliefs and practices is happening inside and outside religions. Beyond religions the number of belief-based organizations is growing rapidly around a diverse set of ideas and experiences, from flat earth to animal rights. Managing the tensions, passions and even violence created by belief-based organizations will require leaders of religions, governments, societies and business to proactively manage the increasing diversity around us. Are you and your organization ready for the fight over values and beliefs? Explore the Trend Report: Belief-Based Organizations and Religious Leaders to find out more.

GT Trend Report: Military

In the last three decades the bases of geopolitical power have moved beyond military might towards economic strength, resource access and knowledge.The nature of warfare is also shifting towards non-conventional means, whether terrorist groups or cyber-wars. However, the role of the military may become more important again on the global stage as the tensions of globalization and fragmentation continue in society. Expect, too, to see security forces increasingly involved in non-military situations including national disasters, civil activism and managing resource-based tensions. The big challenge for many nations will, however, be what can we afford?

GT Trend Report: Shapers & Influencers - Media

Where do you get your news? What’s a journalist? There are so many channels, technologies and access points, so many originators of content from amateur to professional, so many business models from free to pay per use, that it is almost meaningless to try to identify the boundaries of the media space. The opportunities in this rapidly growing landscape are enormous. So too are the challenges as the influence of media will be ever more pervasive, but fragmented. In this report we explore some of the trends influencing the media landscape -- and how it is an influence in its own right.

GT Trend Report: Geographic Markets

The BRICS markets (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) are widely seen as the most important fast growing markets in the world. As many companies race to realize the potential and homegrown firms emerge from these countries as new global challengers, the competitive space is becoming crowded. What other markets should you and your organization be considering for significant future growth potential? For B2B companies, which companies are among the largest economic entities in the world, offering attractive growth opportunities? Explore the Trend Report: Geographic Markets to understand the trends that can help you tackle these questions.

GT Trend Report: Shapers & Influencers - Consumers/Individuals

More people than ever before have more choice over their lives, work, education, communities and behaviors. With choice comes power. The “influenced” are becoming shapers & influencers in their own right. So how is their power shifting? In which roles do they wield their influence - as consumers, as social activists, as home teachers? What is the point of market segmentation any more? People are segmenting themselves through their behaviors and choices - the question is how do we find and connect with these fluid groups? Explore the Trend Report: Shapers & Influencers - Consumers/Individuals to find out more about the key trends impacting these changes.

GT Trend Report: Social Networks

Social networks are a phenomenon of the last decade, visited by more than half of the global online population. How much influence do they really have on our behaviors, our businesses, our lives? What are the new realities of marketing and branding in an environment where opinions can be beamed around the world in a twitter, or shared in full color on YouTube? How is online behavior impacting that offline? Explore the Trend Report: Social Networks to learn more about the trends and key influencers driving these changes.

GT Trend Report: Shapers & Influencers - Financial Power Brokers

Rapidly developing economy central banks, sovereign wealth funds, private equity and hedge funds are the new financial power brokers. Despite the dent in some pockets from the crisis these players now control more than the equivalent of US GDP in combined assets and will strongly influence the success of industries and companies worldwide -- and potentially countries as possible lenders to the debt-mired Eurozone. What do these new financial power brokers mean for your business and your future funding? Explore the Trend Report: Shapers & Influencers - Financial Power Brokers for more.

GT Trend Report: Social Organizations

Communities for centuries have been dictated by where we lived and how we were raised. The forces of social fragmentation outlined in this report combined with globalization and technology have radically altered this. New communities of choice are emerging worldwide, impacting how we behave, live and work. What do these new communities mean for your markets? For your employees? How will fragmenting societies impact your business? Explore the Trend Report: Social Organizations to find out more.

GT Trend Report: Shapers & Influencers - Academic Institutions

The next generation of young adults will be the most educated ever. The quantity, quality and focus of education will strongly influence future global development. Looking at business, who are the leading thinkers influencing how business is done today - and in the future? What should we learn from them? Explore the Trend Report: Shapers & Influencers - Academic Insitutions for profiles of some of the leading thinkers on business and food for thought on these topics.

GT Trend Report: Shapers & Influencers - Business Leaders

Trust in business leaders is low. But with many global corporations as big as medium-sized economies their influence is significant - and there is rising demand for them to focus on societal as well as business challenges. Who are the leaders of some of the most influential businesses in the world? What is their impact on how business is done? Where will they focus next? Explore the Trend Report: Shapers & Influencers - Business Leaders for profiles of some key business leader and food for thought on these topics.

GT Trend Report: Governments

The leaders of major economic and political powers extert significant influence on the way we live and work. But are they the desired enablers of growth -- or are they increasingly becoming barriers to development? What do different approaches to political influence across the globe imply for our business models? Who do we need to build relationships with? Explore the Trend Report: Governments for profiles of some of the key government leaders and food for thought on these topics.

GT Trend Report: Capital

The networked anarchy of global financial markets fell apart from late 2007, plunging the world into a global recession. As we start to emerge, what has changed? How have trends that were praised before the crash -- openness, globalization -- shifted? Who will be the financial power brokers of the future and what do they mean for your organization? Explore the Trend Report: Capital for analysis, insight and food for thought about how the financial landscape will shift in future.

GT Trend Report: Time

Time has been around for all time. But now it is becoming an increasingly scarce resource, despite the fact that the global population is living longer. What is going on? And why is time a critical resource that organizations should take seriously? Explore the Trend Report: Time to find out more about the trends that impact time.

GT Trend Report: Technology

An accelerating technology revolution is crossing national borders and disciplines. What are the building block technologies that will drive new application areas to tackle critical issues such as ageing and climate change? How will the technology advances impact how and where you work and interact? What can your organization think in the size of 1? Explore the Trend Report: Technology to learn more about trends impacting these fundamental questions.

GT Trend Report: Natural Resources

By the mid 2030s demand for many resources will substantially exceed what the planet can supply. How will shifts in the availability and price of critical resources impact your organization? How will governments become involved in the protection of resources -- and creation of new ones? Are you prepared for an age of scarcity? Explore the Trend Report: Natural Resources and Environment for analysis and food for thought on these questions.

GT Trend Report: People

The world’s population is growing, ageing, and becoming more urban and mobile. What do these demographic shifts mean for your business model? How will your organization deal with 7 billion people? How will the rise in incomes in rapidly developing economies open new market opportunities in BRIC and beyond? Explore the Trend Report: People to understand more about the trends driving these changes.

GT Trend Report: Knowledge

How is knowledge moving around the world -- with what consequences for your organization? What are the new knowledge networks which are impacting how and where innovation happens? Is your R&D spend in the right place? Explore the Trend Report: Knowledge to learn more about trends impacting these questions.

GT Trend Report: Labor

What is happening with the war for talent? Where will you be able to find the skills you need in future? In many developed countries, we now have four generations in the workfoce. How will the next generations impact how work is done? Explore the Trend Report: Labor to understand key trends that will impact these questions.

Ready? The 3Rs of preparing your organization for the future

The world is shifting and it’s fast and furious. The world is more connected every day. Global challenges are multiplying - and the institutions that we expect to take care of these issues can’t do it alone. Are you - and your organization - ready for this world? If not, you had better get ready - if you don’t rethink your business, someone else will. From interviews with 156 CEOs and senior leaders of organizations from around the world and our work with top teams of leading companies, this book offers insights and practical tools for leaders preparing their businesses, and themselves, for the future. The focus is on what actions can be taken today to prepare - including how to bridge the gap between delivering today and succeeding in the future. Are you ready?