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Survey Results: Are we all wrong about the screen addicted Gen Z?

There is no lack of research, opinions and media coverage of the habits and attitudes of Millennials – otherwise known as Generation Y (typically defined as being born between 1980 and 1994). Businesses have barely figured out how to market to and manage them. Now, they are confronted with a new generation of young people, Generation Z (typically defined as being born between 1995 and 2009), that ar... View Full Story

The Flourishing Microfinance Market: Past, Present and Future A conversation with Fabio Sofia, Head of Business Development, and John Staehli, Head of Marketing and Communication, Symbiotics

Symbiotics company profile map. Source: Symbiotics. March 2015 The World Bank estimates that half of the world's adult population – more than 2.5 billion people – does not have an account at a formal financial institution. Thanks to the rapid development of technology... View Full Story

Catalyzing change: A new model of philanthropy A conversation with Jesper Nygård, CEO of Realdania

October 2013: Just as businesses are becoming more actively engaged in addressing social challenges and developing new business models to deliver on both purpose and profit, so too are leading non-profit organizations rethinking their role, operating models and ways of working. Giving money to deserving projects is ... View Full Story

Corporate Clout 2013: Time for Responsible Capitalism

Of the world’s 100 largest economic entities in 2012, 40 (40%) are corporations, the same percentage as in 2011 but down 2% since 2010 (42%). If you look at the top 150 economic entities in 2012, the proportion of corporations is 58%, slightly down from 2011 (58.7%) but at the same level as in 2010 (58%). Executive Summa... View Full Story

Driving change through social innovation: A conversation with Stefan Crets, Executive Director of CSR Europe

March 2013 Before Stefan Crets became Executive Director of CSR Europe in 2011 he was a corporate social responsibility leader at Toyota Motor Europe. Now he is the Executive Director of the number one European business network for corporate social responsibility (CSR). Around 70 multi... View Full Story