The Global Trends Report 2012, along with the focused trend reports, highlight some of the major changes that are taking place in the world in which we operate and live.  The purpose of these reports is to both raise your awareness of these changes and to challenge you, and your leadership team, to begin the process of making sense of what these changes can mean for your business.

The toolkits are designed to support you in this process by structuring a set of questions and exercises that you can work through with your team to accelerate and focus your discussions as you build insights about and identify implications from the many changes happening in the world, your industry and your customers’ lives – then translate these into actionable implications and choices for your business.  Our work with top teams suggest that many companies lack visibility on the future, are overwhelmed by too much information, and pressured by short-term profit demands. They are simply too busy “doing” to think and shape their future.

Here you will find available for purchase toolkits related both to the expanding areas of competition and the three spheres of change, plus a number related to developing strategic focus and other relevant topics.  The range of toolkits will be expanded over time.  

GT2012 Poster Pack: Resources

Dreading another death-by-powerpoint meeting? The Global Trends 2012 Poster Pack: Resources offers an interactive and stimulating alternative. 37 data-rich posters highlight key data and analysis underpinning the trends which are impact the resources we need and consume from natural resources to knowledge and time. Want to know about the population trends from 1950 to 2050? The size of the water gap we will face by 2030? The technology advances that will change our world? Post a selection on your meeting room walls for easy reference as you and your team discuss what these changes will mean for your business.

GT Toolkit & Exercise: Resources & Capabilities

Changes in the ways in which we live and operate, driven by global and industry trends, will impact the resources and capablities which organizations require over time. Taking the view that organizational advantage lies in the application of valuable bundles of resources and capabilities, this toolkit and exercise challenges you and your team to assess, anticipate and strategically manage the resources and capabilities you will need for future success.

GT Toolkit & Exercise: Exploring Our Current Strategic Focus

Global trends are a key input as organizations develop their strategies, offering a window on the changes in the world which may impact options, choices, decisions and actions. This toolkit and exercise is designed to help you explore the current strategic focus of your organization.

GT Toolkit & Exercise: Value Creation & Capture

The Fight for Value Creation & Capture explores how different organizations define value, who is creating real value and at what point in the economic or business system, and where value is being captured. Use this toolkit & exercise to challenge yourself and your team to translate the global trends in the expanding competition for value creation & capture into actionable choices and implications for your business.

GT Toolkit & Exercise: Control & Access

The Fight for Control & Access focuses on the growing importance and competition between organizations for control or access to key resources. Use this toolkit & exercise to challenge yourself and your team to translate the global trends in the expanding competition for control & access into actionable choices and implications for your business.